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Helpful gifts for someone recovering from a Mastectomy

Recovering from a mastectomy is a pain. Literally. If you have a friend, or family who has undergone a mastectomy recently, having a few gifts on hand to help cheer them up, as well as help them in their recovery is a brilliant idea. And, we’re not just talking about flowers and books. 


Here are five helpful gifts for someone recovering from a mastectomy will be super thankful for:

Brave Giftgown

Whether your loved one is still in the hospital recovering from their mastectomy, or at home, a Brave Giftgown is a must. The most heart-warming thing about this gown is all of the uplifting phrases on the front. If your loved one is suffering mentally as much as they are physically, having a gown telling them they’re brave, that they have courage and that they are magic could do wonders for them.

You're probably going to want to get a few other Giftgowns, because having multiple on hand will be helpful. They're carefully designed to not aggravate your healing chest, and it has snaps on the shoulders so you can move the fabric off your stitches if you need to! Not to mention, they help preserve your dignity when draining tubes, which can be awkward and uncomfortable at the best of times. Shop our Breast Cancer Awareness collection, where 15% of all proceeds from pink gown purchases will be donated to help end the fight against breast cancer!

Mastectomy Pillow

Sleep can be heard to come by after a mastectomy, either you’re in pain, or you have a hard time getting comfortable in bed. Having a mastectomy pillow can help relieve pain, if you put ice packs in the pockets, or you can lie on your stomach when you’re sleeping with the proper support, and weight distribution (off your stitches). 

Seat belt cushion

Seatbelts on the drive home can be painful because they’re pressed right against your loved ones most sensitive area, post-surgery. Having a seat belt cushion ready for them when they get in the car will not only be a touching gesture, but it can help make the ride home much more comfortable (especially if it’s a bumpy ride)!

Dry Shampoo

Showering soon after a mastectomy is a no-no, but obviously you want your loved one to feel clean. Having dry shampoo ready to go can be a saving grace. It will help your loved one feel more dignified as they’ll be able to refresh their scalp, and spray some dry shampoo into their hair (no matter how short). Not to mention, it will be a lot easier than raising their arms in the shower to suds up their hair. 

Baby Wipes

In the same vein as dry shampoo, having baby wipes by your loved ones bedside can make all the difference when they can’t have a shower. Baby wipes are helpful in keeping your skin clean when your healing, being able to have a sponge bath in bed as well as providing a little refreshment every now and then. Simple, yet powerful!

Mastectomies are painful, and can wear on a person. By having these helpful gifts on hand, your loved one will feel well looked after, and it’ll make it easier for them to focus on healing. 

We hope we’ve provided you with some inspiration of helpful gifts for someone recovering from a mastectomy!