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Helpful Tips for Mastectomy Recovery

Having a mastectomy can be a scary experience which can leave you feeling helpless and unlike yourself. During recovery, you may be overcome with many emotions in addition to dealing with physical recovery. It’s important to know that there are things you can do to help make your recovery easier. We’ve gathered a few of them here to help you through this time.  

Wear clothes that are comfortable

For the first while after your surgery, it may be difficult to wear your normal clothes. In particular, clothes that require you to raise your arms over your head will likely be particularly difficult to put on. Shirts, dresses or pyjamas that button up can make it much easier to change. Try the Giftgowns Brave gown. It’s specifically designed for patients and has a design with words that are meant to help comfort and inspire women going through cancer treatment. This October, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 20% of the proceeds of the brave gown will be going to the Canadian Cancer Society.


Take your time recovering

Many women will feel a pressure to return to their everyday lives very quickly. However, it’s important to remember to follow your doctor’s instructions around recovery and not push yourself too fast. This is a time when the people around you want to help you, so as much as you can, try to accept it and recover at the pace that you need.


Meal prep in advance

During your first few weeks of recovery, cooking will probably not be a priority. However, eating nutritious meals is a key aspect of recovery. Before your surgery it can be helpful to make some of your favourite healthy comfort foods and then freeze them. That way, you’ll be ready in a pinch. Soup is a great choice, as it’s full of nutrients and comforting to eat.


Join a support group

Even with supportive family and friends, it can be difficult to discuss how you’re feeling. A support group of peers going through the same treatment can be really helpful. There are often many different groups to choose from.   For instance, the Canadian Cancer Society has a variety of community peer groups, as well as, one-on-one peer support programs.


Remember to stay strong and to always ask your doctor about recovery advice.💗