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How to prepare for your mammogram appointment

Going in for a mammogram can be anxiety inducing, especially if someone in your family has had breast cancer in the past. Being prepared for your mammogram appointment is important as it will help lessen your stress, and it can help make the technician’s life easier, as well.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in honor of that, we will be publishing content to help any of our customers who are fighting breast cancer at the moment.

Here are a few ways that you can prepare for mammogram appointment:

Don’t use deodorants, creams, lotions or powders the day of your appointment.

This is best practice for most clinics. Make sure to avoid using any of these things on your body (or upper body at least), as they can obscure the results of the mammogram, which is frustrating for everyone involved. If you’re worried about the deodorant portion - be sure to bring it in your purse so your can pop it on afterwards.

Get yourself a Giftgown!

This is a nice little treat you can do for yourself in a stressful situation. Having a Giftgown not only will help lift your spirits, but it’s also useful considering the clinic or hospital staff will need you to take off your shirt anyway. Why not get a Giftgown, which has snaps on the shoulder allowing for easy examination during a mammogram! It allows for ease of access for tubes or any monitors needed. An additional bonus, during the month of October, anytime you buy a pink gown on, 15% off the proceeds will be donated to help end the fight against breast cancer!

Schedule your appointment when you’re the least sensitive

Some women find their breasts quite sensitive around their time of the month, and it can make mammograms uncomfortable. If you’re able, try and schedule around that, as it could help make the experience more pleasant.

Avoid caffeine a week before your appointment

While this may be difficult, avoiding caffeine 5-7 days can help make you feel less tender or uncomfortable during your exam. For someone who is anxious about their mammogram, this will help two-fold because you won’t have the jitters from coffee, and you’ll be less tender, hopefully.

Please keep in mind, we are not medical professionals, and cannot provide medical advice. With that said, we wanted to help you feel as confident and prepared as possible going into your mammogram appointment. Good luck!