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January Favourites!

This January was not what many of us were anticipating. With the unfortunate closures, each day can start to feel slow and gloomy. It's cold outside and gets dark at 4:00 pm. I am here to share with you some of the things that made this January enjoyable regardless of the circumstances. 

Long Walks: I had to bundle up for this but my favourite part of every day this month was my long walks for my morning coffee. Walking has so many benefits, and getting your serotonin pumping is truly a great idea especially when it's snowy and beautiful outside.

Zoom Calls With Your Besties: I know I would much rather prefer hanging out in person with my friends, but sadly that was not an option this month so planning out zooms calls with your friends is a fabulous way to have a fun night 

Netflix Party: Watching a movie with your friends or family is a ton of fun. You can chat, pick out snacks to eat and enjoy yourself from the comfort of your home!

Cute and Stylish Face mask: Safety is most important right now, which is why I love Gift Gown masks because they are cute and super stylish!! They also keep your face warm and are a must-have for those long winter walks.

My fav mask right now is the Gift Gowns XO Mask!

Comfy Loungewear: I most definitely did not take off comfy clothes this month. Cozy sweatsuits are a winter must-have!

Yummy Scented Candles: Staying home can get pretty dull, which is why a  wonderful smelling candle is a nice treat to amplify your workspace and your home.

Stay safe and stay warm! ❄️☃️