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Last Minute Gifts for Someone Stuck in the Hospital

Last Minute Gifts for Someone Stuck in the Hospitals - Giftgowns When a loved one is stuck in the hospital, finding the right thing to make them smile is difficult at the best of times. It can be even harder when you’re rushing to get them a few gifts they’ll be able to enjoy as December flies by. Worry not, we’ve got your back! To make your life easier, we came up with a few different options to help make your shopping much easier.

Donate a Gown

If you’re unable to get someone a Giftgown this holiday season, you should definitely donate a Giftgown on their behalf. You’ll be making sure that someone who is suffering from a similar illness will have a fun, comfortable gown that will bring a smile to their face, which is so important!

Fuzzy Blanket

Hospital rooms are known to be cold. Get your loved one a nice, cozy, fuzzy blanket! It will keep them company when you’re not around and having something soft and fuzzy nearby can almost simulate having an animal around to pet. 

Rubik’s Cube

Keep your loved one’s mind, and hands occupied. Get them a Rubik’s Cube! It’s a classic, colorful gift that they can use over and over again (as long as someone else twists the cube up after it’s been solved). Who knows, they might discover a new found love for puzzles!

Coloring Book

If the person stuck in the hospital is more creative, bring them a coloring book with some pencil crayons. It will bring some color to an otherwise drab hospital, and this one is great for adults OR kids. 

Sudoku Puzzles

Might as well keep your mind busy, if your body is stuck in a hospital bed. Get the person you love some Sudoku puzzles, and solve them together! It’s a great way to make the time fly by in the hospital, as well as keeping the mind active. 

Even if you’re just looking for an extra little something, we hope these last minute gifts for someone stuck in the hospital will help lessen your holiday shopping stress!