Love-ly Gift Ideas for your Valentine when they’re in the Hospital – Giftgowns

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Love-ly Gift Ideas for your Valentine when they’re in the Hospital

Valentine's Day Gifts for Someone in the Hospital - Giftgowns Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and if your loved one is in the hospital it might be hard to find a gift for them. Especially since you’ve probably already brought them flowers and some goodies. We came up with a few unique gift ideas that will bring a smile to any patient’s face for Valentine’s Day, and make your life a lot easier. Who knows, you might even inspire one of the care providers! 

A Valentine’s Day Gown 

Everyone loves a cute saying or, uplifting graphic so why not give someone stuck in the hospital a Giftgown that shares the love! We have several Valentine’s Day themed gowns to choose from. Starting with the adorable “Otter this World” design, or our “Love Bug” design will definitely bring a smile to someone's face who's stuck in the hospital for Valentine's Day. You’ll be helping them feel the love, and keeping them comfy, what’s more romantic than that?

Romance Novel Set 

When you're stuck in the hospital. you often are found waiting or sitting around for a number of hours. Help the time go by with a romance series! Nothing puts you in the mood for Valentine's Day celebrations like a swooping romance that transports your loved one to a completely different world. It’ll also help keep their mind off the stress of being in the hospital. By getting them a series you allow them to fall in love with a story that lasts much longer than a single book. 

Cozy Heart Pillow
Your loved one might not have someone to snuggle up with while at the hospital, but a heart pillow would be a great alternative! Heart pillows are comfortable, soft, and super huggable, so your loved one will be nice and snuggled into their bed!

A Streaming Service Gift Card and a Box of Soft Tissues

Hospital patients often get streaming services to pass the time, and boy, can you binge a lot of shows! Buy them a gift card and let them enjoy their next month on you. Better yet, give them a list of great rom-coms to watch this Valentine's day! Remember to include a box of soft tissues, the tissues at the hospital feel like sandpaper! This way crying and blowing their nose at all the sappy parts won’t make their nose raw!

We hope these gift ideas have given you some romantic ideas to make your Valentine smile, even if they’re stuck in the hospital!