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MUST HAVE Winter Essentials!


It is evidently getting colder day by day! Fall is passing and Winter is sneaking up on us. I’m here to tell you how Giftgowns can make your Winter that much cozier :)

1. Do you get red cheeks or a red nose in the Winter time when the temperature drops below zero? The cold can aggravate and dry out your skin. Our faces deserve a little bit of warmth as well. Believe it or not, face masks do a pretty great job of protecting our faces from the piercing cold winds and can save you from getting frostbite. Giftgowns has a wide selection of Christmas/Holiday-themed face masks suitable for Winter time. In fact, we have masks with every Reindeer name! Stay snug in your mask but be festive at the same time.

2. Moisturizer and chapstick! As mentioned earlier, the cold can really mess with your skin. I find myself having dryer lips in the Winter and sometimes, when it gets to a severe point, peeling skin on my face and legs. It’s important to apply proper care to yourself. Get yourself some good lotion and lip balm.
3. Hot chocolate and marshmallows. Imagine being all cuddled up with your best friends or family members on the couch, ready to watch a fun Christmas movie like Home Alone or Elf… but you have nothing to sip on or snack on. You will be surprised how much hot chocolate and marshmallows hit the spot on that kind of day. The kids almost always love it and I highly suggest it as a Winter essential! :)