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Pregnancy Experience Series: Hana

Today, we're speaking with new mom, Hana, about her experience during pregnancy!  Now that Hana's son is almost one years old, she has able to reflect on the ups and downs of her pregnancy.  Her positivity throughout her pregnancy experience shines through, even when things get difficult! 

Name: Hana Khan

Location: Falls Church, Va

Social Media Handle(s): Mommaroars

Due Date: 09/16/2017

Tell us about yourself and your new baby!

I am a first time mom who previously never had any experiences with a baby. Before I had my baby I was in e-commerce and I hardly had time for myself. Now I am a full time mom who still has no time for herself—haha. When I got pregnant I moved to the US during my third trimester. We found out the gender just 15 days before I delivered my baby boy. He’s a little fighter. I was very close to losing him in my second trimester, but thankfully God was on my side and my little man will be celebrating his first b-day this month. So yaayyy!

In three words, how would your friends and family describe you?

Creative, motivated and outgoing

Was this your first pregnancy? How was it different or similar to what you expected?

This was my first pregnancy. I enjoyed every bit of it: the ups and the downs. During my pregnancy, I had pain in my lower back and abdomen. Doctors first thought it was Braxton Hicks contractions. After being in pain for two days doctors suggested an ultrasound, which showed some kind of obstruction in my left kidney. I was prescribed an antibiotic, which we usually are told to avoid during pregnancy, but the pain still didn’t go away. So I was then advised to do a surgery that gave me a 90% chance of losing my baby. I was broken; I didn’t want to go through it. I stayed positive through all of this even with surgery being scheduled for later that week. I was then prescribed a stronger dose of antibiotics and a day before my surgery I felt completely better. No more pain, I could walk by myself. I had an ultrasound, which showed I was healed and didn’t need the surgery anymore. All is well that ends well.

What were your hospital go-bag must haves?

Gown, receiving blankets, going home clothes for the baby and mom.

Do you have any tips and tricks that you used during labour?

If you’re being induced, do not got empty stomach. I repeat, do not go empty stomach.

What’s one piece of advice that you would give to newly pregnant women?

Enjoy every bit of it by staying hydrated and eating healthy.

What is your favourite Giftgown?


What’s your favourite thing so far about being a mom?

Early morning cuddles and kisses 

What’s your zodiac sign?


What’s your favourite candy/treat?


What’s your favourite vacation destination?



Thanks so much Hana for sharing your experiences with us!  

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