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Self-Care Ideas for When You’re in the Hospital


When you’re stuck in the hospital, it can be hard to feel like yourself. You may find that the stress and discomfort of being there add up quickly. To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of some self-care ideas for you when you’re in the hospital, so you can heal quickly and calmly!


Try Meditating

Meditation is all the rage right now and there’s a good reason why!  Even spending a few minutes each day meditating can help you feel more calm, focused, and energized. If you’re new to it, we recommend trying a guided mediation. There are lots available to listen to online or you can even download an app to your phone!


Wear Something Comfortable

Wearing something you feel comfortable in while in the hospital is key to feeling relaxed and calm in the hospital. Why not try a Giftgown? With soft 100% cotton fabric, fun designs and customization to cheer you up and functionality for hospital professionals, they’re the perfect choice!


Create a Gratitude Journal

Even when you’re at the hospital, noticing the small pleasures in your life can make a big difference to how you feel and your overall outlook on life. Plus, it’s so simple to do. Just get a journal and write down three things each day that you’re grateful for. Examples could include a friend coming to visit you, watching a funny movie, or even having a cup of your favourite tea.


Notice Your Breathing

Taking a couple minutes to notice and focus on your breath can make you feel much calmer and more centered. Having more control over your breath can also help you in the stressful situations which often arise in a hospital.


Take a Walk Outside

If you’re feeling up to it, taking a walk outside can help to reenergize you and remind you of the world around you. Check with your nurses before heading out and remember, you can always borrow a wheelchair if you’re not up to walking.


Do Something You Enjoy Each Day

Make sure to do something you like each day. Even if you can’t do what you would normally, there are probably lots of activities you can enjoy from your hospital room. You could watch a favourite TV show, get out your sketchbook and draw, or read a bit of your favourite novel!


Accept Support

If you’re normally a very independent person, it can be hard to accept support when in the hospital. Remember that friends and family want to visit and support you, so when they offer accept! Even if you’re too tired for visitors, friends and family can help by looking after your home, collecting mail, and organizing support for when you head home.


We hope this list helps you recover quickly and calmly!