7 Gifts to Get Your Mom Who’s in the Hospital This Mother’s Day – Giftgowns

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7 Gifts to Get Your Mom Who’s in the Hospital This Mother’s Day

It can be tricky to decide on what to get your Mom for Mother’s Day when she’s spending it in the hospital. To help you out, we’ve created a list of some of our favourite gifts for moms during a hospital stay!

1. A homemade card

There’s nothing like receiving a homemade card.   Beyond the message inside, a card can also double as decoration for a hospital room and help to cheer her up throughout her stay.

2. A Giftgown

A Giftgown is the best way to cheer up someone in the hospital. They’re made with cozy 100% cotton or flannel cotton, pockets, and snaps along the back and shoulders for coverage and IV access. There are a variety of designs to suit every style and with the recent launch of customization, you can customize a gown with your mom’s favourite photo, saying, or graphics! Shop Women's Giftgowns here.

3. A Colouring Book

A fun colouring book is a relaxing and entertaining gift! With the large variety available today, you can find one to cater to your mom’s interests. As a bonus, the coloured-in pictures make great room decorations!

4. Lotion

The overly conditioned air in hospitals can leave skin dry and uncomfortable. To help remedy this, we recommend getting a nice lotion or cream Pro tip: look for ones with Shea or cocoa butter for some extra natural moisture

5. Cozy Socks

Cozy socks are a fun and inexpensive way to give moms in the hospital some added comfort. Try finding a super fuzzy pair to help keep warm and comfy.

 6. Tea

A natural herbal tea is a healthy and tasty treat for the hospital. Calming flavors like chamomile or lavender are great choices, or you can get her something unexpected like margarita-flavored tea!

 7. Gift Bag

A gift bag is the perfect gift when you can’t decide what you want to give. Look for gift bags that have a variety of different items to help make her stay more comfortable. Giftgowns has gift bags filled with fun items such as cozy socks, tea, and of course, Giftgowns! Shop gift bags here.