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The Amazing Power of Donations


Did you know that this year #GivingTuesday is November 27. In honour of it, we’ve compiled some of the best benefits of donating! We all know that donating helps others, but did you know there are also health benefits for the donator? This holiday season do something good for yourself and help the world by donating! Even a small donation can truly can make a difference in someone’s life.


Helps Someone In Need

By donating to a good cause, you can be truly helping someone in need. Try and find an organization you feel helps others in a way that you can get behind. There are so many amazing causes to donate to, so try and find one that you believe in.  


Improves Your Mood

Did you know that generosity is scientifically proven to release endorphins? That means that when you donate, you can literally become happier. It’s an easy double win here: helping someone else and giving your own mood a boost! What a great way to cheer up!


Lowers Your Overall Rates of Stress

But wait...those endorphins that are released don’t just improve your mood when you give, if you donate regularly, they can continue to keep you more calm and centred! What a great incentive to start budgeting in a monthly donation allowance to your spending.


Can Increase Overall Life Satisfaction

Donating regularly can actually increase your overall life satisfaction. By feeling good about helping others, your overall mood and outlook on life can be greatly improved. So you get to live a happier life, while helping others.


May Help You Live Longer

Studies have shown that those who donate their time by volunteering may even live longer lives! What a great reason to get involved with a cause you feel passionately about.


With so many great reasons to donate, it’s hard not to! Feel good about yourself and the world by donating this #GivingTuesday. 💖 


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