The Best Hospital Gift Ideas for a Fashionista – Giftgowns

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The Best Hospital Gift Ideas for a Fashionista

Let’s be real: hospitals are a difficult place to be. They can feel sterile and isolating even in the best of times. Not to mention, hospital gowns are oversized and unflattering on everyone, which just makes worse, especially if you are normally fashion forward. If you find yourself as a fashionista stuck in the hospital or if you need a gift for your favourite fashionista who’s in the hospital, we have some perfect gift ideas for you!


A Giftgown is the perfect present for the fashionista who is over hospital gowns. With a variety of chic designs, Giftgowns are even perfect for fashionistas who typically wear designer clothes. You can even customize them with photos, graphics, or favourite sayings! With snaps along the sleeves for IV/breastfeeding access and along the back for coverage, Giftgowns are perfect hospital attire for anyone who wants to feel confident and stylish while at the hospital.

Pampering Products

Hospitals are not the most glamorous place to be. So bring your favourite fashionista beauty products for an in-room spa day and she will definitely be thanking you. Think face masks, nail polish, and nice lotions! With all this luxury, she won’t even feel like she’s in the hospital! Remember to always check with hospital staff to double check as to what beauty products are allowed.


In a cold hospital, feeling cozy and warm is important. A stylish toque can help make a stay so much more comfortable. With so many styles available, you’re sure to find one to suit even the pickiest fashionista. Pro tip: get a matching hat for you and your friend to twin! 

Frame + Photo

Hospital rooms often have a very institutional feel, which can bring patients’ spirits down. A cute frame with a photo of them with friends/family is the perfect gift to cheer them up! To make it even more special, pick a theme for the frame and photo. For a peace theme, you could pair a photo of you and your favourite fashionista doing peace signs with a matching peace sign frame. And why not add a Peace Sign Giftgown to really make the themed gift stand out.

Style Magazines

From Vogue, to Elle, to Flare, there are so many style magazine options to choose from! Magazines are perfect for fashionista in the hospital, since reading magazines, doesn’t require as much concentration as reading novels does. Plus, after she’s done reading, she can cut out her favourite pages to post on her wall for fashion inspo!

With these gifts, any fashionista is sure to feel supported and loved during her hospital stay. 🏥 😉