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Things To Do When You’re Stuck in the Hospital: Games

things to do when you're stuck in the hospital The hospital can be a pretty boring place when you're stuck there for days on end. Time ceases to exist, you’re not sure what day it is, and there’s only so much Candy Crush you can play. You’re probably searching for things to do when you’re stuck in the hospital. Or, your family is trying to think of ways to keep you occupied, especially if they’ve already brought you care packages, and things to wear in the hospital (like a Giftgown)!

Either way, we’ve come up with a few fun games you can play to help pass the time, and keep a smile on your face! 

Crazy Eights

This one is a great option because all you need is a set of playing cards, which you probably have lying around somewhere. You can play this anywhere, whether you’re in your hospital room, or the cafeteria, and you can always play Crazy Eight countdown if you’re looking to stay busy for a while. The more people who play, the better. Not to mention, you’ll find out who’s really competitive once you play a few rounds. 

Sushi Go

This is a fabulous game to play with a little one! If you have a child who’s over 5 who is stuck in the hospital, this will keep them (and you busy) for hours. The fun graphics on the cards will stimulate kids, and it will help them practice their math and keep their little minds occupied. It’s also highly portable so you can play a lot of different places. 

One Sentence Stories

This is great for anyone who has very limited mobility and you’ll need at least four or five people. Basically, you go around in a circle and each person says one sentence. The goal is to develop a ridiculous story from going around in a circle and each person contributes. Better yet, have someone jot the sentences down and read them later for more laughter!


If you know how to play, and someone can bring in a portable chess board, why not? It’s great to keep the mind busy and games tend to go on for a while, so it’ll make the day go by faster. We wouldn’t recommend this for young kids, though ;)

Mad Libs

If you’re in desperate need of a laugh, then Mad Libs is THE game you need to play. You can either get the little note pads, or they have an app. You can play with friends and family who visit, or the nurses and doctors on rotation. Either way, if you’re looking for a pick me up to pass the time, Mad Libs are a brilliant idea

We hope these games gave you some inspiration of things to do when you’re stuck in the hospital!