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Tips for Making Bed Rest Bearable


If you’ve just been told you have to be on bed rest during your pregnancy, you might feel a sense of dread set in. But don’t worry, bed rest is more common than you might expect and in fact, as many as one in five women are told to do it. That being said, it can still be a stressful experience, so staying distracted and calm are key during this period. We’ve compiled some of our favourite tips to help you stay busy and keep your stress down during bed rest.


Get Comfortable

Now’s the time to ditch your going out maternity clothes and get super comfy and cozy. We recommend wearing something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. A Giftgown is the perfect choice because it’s soft and fun. Plus, Giftgowns will keep you inspired and excited for motherhood with fun sayings like #Momlife, Blessed Mama, and Mama Bear.


Catch up on Netflix

This might be the last opportunity you have to binge your favourite shows without your little one interrupting. Take advantage of this and catch up on all of the TV you might have missed out on in the past few years. Don’t worry—it’s not too late to become obsessed with Orange is the New Black.



If you’ve always wanted to start a journal, but never had the time, now is your opportunity. Take the time you have to reflect on your pregnancy as well as on your hopes and dreams for motherhood. Your journal will also be a great keepsake once your baby is born.


Get Prepared for Motherhood

Did you plan on reading about and researching motherhood during pregnancy? Maybe you ran out of time to learn everything you wanted, so now’s the time to do it. Pull out all your parenting books and get learning. Time will fly when as you plan your parenting style and learn more about how to be the best mama around.


Work From Bed

If you’re feeling energetic and you’ve gotten the okay from your doctor, you can set up shop and work from bed. Simply set up a laptop desk and have your phone on hand. This can be an especially great option if you don’t want to eat into your maternity leave before your baby arrives.


Shop for Essentials

If you’re put on bed rest significantly before your due date, you may find that you have a lot of preparation that still needs to be done. Luckily nowadays you can find everything you need online. Create a shopping list and order everything so that when your little one arrives you’ll be ready to go!


Practice Mindfulness

It’s easy to feel super stressed while on bed rest, as so many things are out of your control. However, the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby is to stay calm. Try meditating and focus on being positive. You can even check out some meditation aps to help you stay centred.


We hope that this list helps bed rest fly by, so you can get to time with your little one ASAP! 💖