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Top Face Masks for the Fall

Since we’re just coming into autumn it’s important to be prepared, right? Especially when this fall looks so completely different from anything we’ve ever seen before. Having enough face masks to last the week (plus a few more) so you’re not scrambling to wash them mid-week will be key to managing inevitable stress. We put together our top face masks for the fall to help make it easier on you as things pick up and get really busy again!

XO Face Mask - GiftgownsXO Face Mask

This mask is perfect for folks who are normally giving their friends all the hugs and kisses. Our XO face mask is perfect for anyone, including kids! While they’re back to school, it allows your child to stay safe with our two layers of fabric whether they’re on a walk with their friends, or in the classroom. All the while telling their friends they’re still giving them hugs and kisses, but from afar.

Kids Dragon Face Mask

For the younger kids, help your little one channel their inner dragon with this kids face mask! Perfect for the fall it will give them the energy to be engaged to play outside and excited to learn when they’re back at school, while still keeping them safe with the two layers of fabric fitting snuggly across their face.

  Good Vibes Face Mask

Help your friends and family stay positive this autumn with our best-selling Good Vibes mask. A great mask for anyone who sees the glass as half full, it filled with bright colours and fun sayings that will help lift everyone’s spirits in a difficult and confusing time. Even better there is a pocket for a filter, so they’ll be extra safe wherever they go!

Quarantine-O-Ween Face Mask

The perfect mask to protect your favorite people for the spookiest holiday! Get one of our limited-edition Halloween face masks. They’re perfect for with a silly sense of humor, and they feature a pocket that you can easily slip a filter for extra safety (we sell those too)! A great way to stay safe and make light of our new normal. 

Plain Black Face Masks

Black goes with everything right? If you’re looking for a simple face mask that will go with any outfit, or you just need something plain for work, you definitely can’t go wrong with a plain back face mask! With two layers of cotton and the option to add a filter, you’ll be set for whatever you need to do. Whether it’s fashion related, or anything else.