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Unique Family Holiday Ideas

It is officially the holiday season!  The best part about this time of year is spending time with family and friends.  This blog is made to give you ideas of fun things you can do as a family or friend group during the holidays.  All of these things can also be done if you or a loved one are spending the holidays in the hospital.  You probably already have the obvious things in mind – like having a movie marathon or drinking hot chocolate – so this blog will give you some different unique ways that you and your family can spend time together celebrating the holidays.


Have a board game day

Sometimes, the best days during the holidays are the ones spent being cozy and warm inside.  If this is what you like, having a board game marathon with family can be a super fun way to spend the day inside.  Make some hot chocolate as well and this will make for the perfect day.


Look through old photo albums or home videos

Since the holidays are often a time when the whole family is together, it is the best time to share memories and laughs by looking through old photo albums or home videos.  This is another activity that is perfect for a relaxing day at home.


Make homemade Christmas ornaments

Crafts are a fun activity any time, but this time of year is the perfect time to put a holiday twist on it.  Homemade Christmas ornaments are something you can keep for a long time, and making them is a way of creating good memories.


We hope that this blog can help you make the most of the time you have with your family during the holidays!