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Ways to Keep Your Child Cozy in the Hospital

Ways to Keep your Child Cozy in the Hospital When your little one, and the light of your eye is stuck in the hospital it’s always hard. But, when they’re stuck in the hospital and they’re perpetually cold, there’s definitely something you can do for that! 

Here are a few things you can bring from home to keep your child cozy in the hospital:

A kids Giftgown

What better way to keep your child cozy in the hospital than with a microfleece Giftgown! Microfleece is soft and will keep your child warm in the draftiest of hospital rooms. Not to mention, snaps on the shoulders make doctor’s examinations super easy, and the adorable designs on the front will make your child smile whenever they see it. We love the Free Hugs and Lucky Star kids Giftgowns, they’re so adorable.

A plushie

Bring a favorite plushie from your child’s room will help keep them cozy and give them a sense of comfort, especially if they’re all over the hospital for appointments. Having a plushie by their side whether they’re up an about, or curled up in bed will keep their heart cozy during a difficult time. 

Fuzzy socks

Fuzzy socks are always fun to have around, and they’re even better to have around when your child is stuck in a hospital room and needs a few little things to cheer them up. Better yet, get a pair of fuzzy socks with a fun pattern so they can show them off to all the doctors and nurses. 

Their favourite story

If you regularly read to your child at home, bring their favourite story you can read to them at the hospital. There’s no reason you should deviate routine. It will also make them feel uber cozy cuddled up near you as you read them their favourite story. 

Whether your little one is just beginning their stay at the hospital, we hope we’ve given you a few ways to keep your child cozy in the hospital, especially with the winter coming.