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Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

With the advent of social media, there have never been so many ways to announce your pregnancy to the world. Traditionally, it’s suggested that you wait until you are about three months pregnant before announcing your pregnancy, but ultimately it’s up to what you (and your partner) feel comfortable with. We’ve collected a list of some of our favourite ways to tell the world about your little one who’s on the way.

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Stop Jealousy Before it Starts: How to Prepare for Your Child to Become an Older Sibling

Being pregnant with your second child is an exciting experience. You likely know most of the ins and outs of pregnancy from the first time around, which can make baby number two feel much easier. However, often the new challenge of including and engaging an older sibling in your new little one’s life can be unexpectedly difficult. We’ve come up with some of the best tips to help you and your little one get ready for the birth of your even littler one.

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