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Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

With the advent of social media, there have never been so many ways to announce your pregnancy to the world. Traditionally, it’s suggested that you wait until you are about three months pregnant before announcing your pregnancy, but ultimately it’s up to what you (and your partner) feel comfortable with. We’ve collected a list of some of our favourite ways to tell the world about your little one who’s on the way.

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Hospital Go-Bag Essentials Part Two: For Baby

Alongside the essentials for mom, you’ll want to make sure you bring everything you’ll need for your little one with you to the hospital too! We’ve compiled a list of things to include in your hospital go-bag for you new baby as well as some items you’ll need on your way home. We’ll be honest—not everything on here will fit into a bag, but everything on this list is super important for the first hours and days of your little one’s life. To make it extra simple, we’ve even sorted it so that everything is in the order that you’ll need it! 🤱

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Pregnancy Experience Series: Hana

Today, we're speaking with new mom, Hana, about her experience during pregnancy!  Now that Hana's son is almost one years old, she has able to reflect on the ups and downs of her pregnancy.  Her positivity throughout her pregnancy experience shines through, even when things get difficult! 

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