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Hospital Go-Bag Essentials Part One: For Moms

Packing your hospital go-bag for labour is a key part of getting ready for birth! You’ll want to make sure your bag is packed full of the essentials to help make your experience go as smoothly as possible. We recommend packing your bag when you’re about 32-36 weeks pregnant so that you are ready just in case you have an early arrival! 😉 

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Top 5 Maternity Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great time to show off your bump! If you’re pregnant during October, why not use your bump as a part of your Halloween costume. After all, there are so many creative ways you can dress up! We’ve collected five of our favourite ideas for maternity Halloween costumes you can wear this October!

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Pregnancy Experience Series: Hana

Today, we're speaking with new mom, Hana, about her experience during pregnancy!  Now that Hana's son is almost one years old, she has able to reflect on the ups and downs of her pregnancy.  Her positivity throughout her pregnancy experience shines through, even when things get difficult! 

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Perfect Gifts for Moms About to Give Birth

When a mom-to-be is going into labour, there are a million things on her mind. Make life easier for her by getting her a gift that makes her hospital experience simpler and more comfortable! It’s a great way to show your support and congratulate her on her new baby!

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Giftgowns' Hospital Experience Series - Patient Spotlight: Greyson

For this installation of Giftgown's Hospital Experience Series we would like to introduce you to Greyson! Greyson lives in Louisiana with his family and is always smiling. He is three yers old and recently took on the new role of big brother! He suffered a stroke in utero and which caused Cerebral Palsy. While talking to his mother,  Keria, she made it evident Greyson is just like every other little boy. He loves cars, trucks and pretty much anything with wheels but he learns at a different pace. The Basics: Name: Greyson Mom's Name: Keria Location: Larose, LA Social Media Handle: @greysons_gains More About Greyson:  Giftgowns: Three words to describe Greyson Keria: Determined. fighter, enjoyable  GG: How do you cope with...

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