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Hospital Go-Bag Essentials Part One: For Moms

Packing your hospital go-bag for labour is a key part of getting ready for birth! You’ll want to make sure your bag is packed full of the essentials to help make your experience go as smoothly as possible. We recommend packing your bag when you’re about 32-36 weeks pregnant so that you are ready just in case you have an early arrival! 😉 

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The Best Hospital Gift Ideas for a Fashionista

Let’s be real: hospitals are a difficult place to be. They can feel sterile and isolating even in the best of times. Not to mention, hospital gowns are oversized and unflattering on everyone, which just makes worse, especially if you are normally fashion forward. If you find yourself as a fashionista stuck in the hospital or if you need a gift for your favourite fashionista who’s in the hospital, we have some perfect gift ideas for you!

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What to Expect When Giving Birth

Many moms-to-be are experts on everything to do with pregnancy; however, as the due date draws nearer, it’s important to be aware of all the in’s and out’s of the hospital for after the baby is born. First and foremost, many moms recommend taking a tour of the hospital beforehand to avoid any surprises. It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the facilities and general practices of the maternity ward; for instance, are the rooms private or shared? Are partners able to stay overnight? Other great questions to ask during the tour are if the hospital has additional birth aids, if there is a policy on breastfeeding in recovery, if there is a policy on photography and/or video,...

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