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Best Holiday Gifts for Teens in the Hospital

The hospital is never an easy place for teens to be, and that is even more true around the holidays. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite holiday gifts for teens in the hospital during the holidays. We hope that this list is helpful when shopping for a teen who’s in the hospital this holiday season. 🎁 

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Helpful Tips for Mastectomy Recovery

Having a mastectomy can be a scary experience which can leave you feeling helpless and unlike yourself. During recovery, you may be overcome with many emotions in addition to dealing with physical recovery. It’s important to know that there are things you can do to help make your recovery easier. We’ve gathered a few of them here to help you through this time.  

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The Best Hospital Gift Ideas for a Fashionista

Let’s be real: hospitals are a difficult place to be. They can feel sterile and isolating even in the best of times. Not to mention, hospital gowns are oversized and unflattering on everyone, which just makes worse, especially if you are normally fashion forward. If you find yourself as a fashionista stuck in the hospital or if you need a gift for your favourite fashionista who’s in the hospital, we have some perfect gift ideas for you!

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